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The Story

What happened... and what was never meant to happen…

Shaddar, both his name and the sign of his birth, is also referred to within the tongues of the Dark Elves from Zhurag-Nar; "Ilim Shaddar," meaning "Wanderer of the Shadows".

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Born as the eldest son into House Adel of Oblividons, Shaddar inherited a history of conflict. His kin, Morgast I, has a place in ancient chronicles as the man who turned the land into a sea of blood during the Kinsman's War. Shaddar used wealth and magic to take the powers of darkness and twist them under his control. Using the flesh and blood of his own sister, Shaddar was able to invoke dark rituals to preserve his own body and mind.

Shaddar's obsession with power over life and death lead to his demise. The Band of Mages from the Enclave of Mystdale demanded he be sentenced to death by fire. However, ruler Valorian I chose instead to banish Shaddar from their lands.

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An uneasy calm followed in the hundreds of years afterwards, as the dark magician wandered through the deserts of the south. Orcs, Goblins and Ogres still whisper his name in utter fear around their campfires at night as news spreads about a Dark Tower which is rising beyond the rocky lands… they call this tower "Shaddar-Nur".

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This is the story that was never meant to be then. The Goblins, bound by Shaddar's powers, report of the Books of Darkness and of rocks which spring to life and instill fear so immense that their blood boils; Shaddar, wanderer between life and death, is searching for the gate to the Realm of the Dead to find a Sakkara Demon, a descendant of Worganars the Demon Lord.

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In Ages long past, when the Gods still walked upon Ancaria, the Seraphim knew how to defeat such evil and destroyed the Demon Worganar, driving the hordes of lesser demons back to the hell from where they came.

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But now, who will save us now?

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